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Opera San José’s mission has always been the development and support of emerging artists. By providing housing, professional development, and performance opportunities like few opera companies in America do, Opera San José keeps the artist at the very heart of its creative and administrative life. During this ongoing health and economic crisis, Opera San José’s mandate must be the continued support of these artists – to serve as a lifeline, to preserve their immense artistry, and to keep producing art through any and all mediums available to us in this time apart from one another.

Opera is an art form that takes hundreds of people to produce – artists, musicians, artisans, and patrons like you.

Thank you for your support!


We are grateful for your continued support of Opera San José and your dedication to ensuring a vibrant and successful future for the company. There are many ways in which a donor’s charitable gift can both help you meet your current philanthropic goals and extend your generosity well into the future.


Opera San José’s Heiman Digital Media Studio is a cutting-edge digital media studio that allows thousands of viewers to enjoy innovative performances from the safety and comfort of home. Created in response to a global crisis that shuttered live performance venues worldwide, including the California Theater, the Heiman Digital Media Studio has firmly established Opera San José as a leader in digital performances.

Other Ways to Support

Garden Concerts

Bring the magic of opera to your neighborhood with Opera San José’s garden concerts. Curate a concert of your favorite arias, featuring two of our nationally celebrated Resident Artists, for a delightful, live performance on your driveway, porch, or lawn.

Matching Gifts

Double Your Gift's Impact!

Interested in maximizing the impact of your gift to Opera San José?

Many businesses offer matching gift programs for their employees to make the impact of their gifts double, or even more.

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The Kieve Foundation

The David & Lucile Packard Foundation

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California Arts Council

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National Endowment for the Arts

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The Applied Materials Foundation

Heritage Bank of Commerce
IBM Corporation


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Amici di Musica Bella

San José Opera Guild

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Children’s Discovery Museum

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Cheryl & Steve Kole in honor of Peggy Heiman

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Esther & David Kletter in memory of Adina Shira Kletter z”l

Arden Down in honor of Marjo Lachman

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Mary Anne J. Padien in memory of Nana

Stephen Boisvert in memory of Mark J. Nelson

Mary Anne J Padien in honor of Claire Padien-Havens

Thales Mello in honor of Hariet Paten-Havenfield

Stephen & Theresa Garfink in honor of Rob Pavley

Christine Beraldo in memory of Bill Rearick

Barry & Judy Scott in memory of Diane Ross

Susan Fitzgerald, Rachel Heiman & Lynn Newman in memory of Ruth Sankin-Schildkraut

Joan B. Bose, Jane Decker, Janice Fox, Barbara Olsen, Bess Zientek, and one anonymous donor in honor of Sandra Savage

Joel and Paula Blank in honor of Jerry Seelig

Irwin Derman, Tobye Kaye, and Marilyn Sefchovich in memory of Lorraine Seelig

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Joy Sakai in memory of Beverly Takeda

Rita Elizabeth Horiguchi, and Bradford Wade & Linda Riebel in memory of Janice Toyoshima

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Richard Nichols, and Justine Wong in honor of Melody Walsh

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