Artists in Residence

Opera San José has long been recognized as a leading force in cultivating and nurturing emerging opera talent. Our Resident Artist Program serves as a thriving incubator, providing a fertile environment where promising artists can flourish and develop their skills to their fullest potential.

Through a comprehensive curriculum tailored to the specific needs of each artist, we focus on fostering their artistic growth and expanding their repertoire. With the guidance of our distinguished faculty and seasoned professionals, our Resident Artists receive personalized mentorship, allowing them to refine their technique, explore their artistic range, and deepen their understanding of the opera genre.

Opera San José’s Resident Artist Program is not only dedicated to the artistic development of our participants but also to providing them with valuable performance opportunities. From mainstage productions to community engagements, our Resident Artists showcase their talents in front of diverse audiences, gaining invaluable stage experience and building their professional portfolios.

2023-2024 Resident Artists

Photo of Zhengyi Bai

Melisa bonetti luna

Photo of Eugene Brancoveanu

michelle ainna cuizon (Director)

Photo of Tara Branham

Vartan Gabrielian


Photo of Darren Drone

Johannes Löhner (Conductor)

Photo of Megan Esther Grey

Courtney miller


Photo of Maria Natale

joshua sanders

Photo of Rene Orth

Melissa Sondhi (Soprano)

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