Production Shops

At Opera San José, the magic you witness on stage is brought to life not only by our talented performers, but also by our dedicated production teams. Their creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail are instrumental in creating the immersive world of each opera.

Costume Shop

Opera San José prides itself on its costume artistry seen across many outstanding productions. Our costume staff works diligently to assemble costume rentals for the California Theatre stage and build multiple costumes in our productions from scratch. Our team meticulously ensures that every show is seamless in its execution of dressing our many performers. Our 22-23 season alone, our costume shop put over 150 people into over 200 costumes. To inquire about costume rental, please email

Scene Shop

Opera San José is proud to run a fully functioning scene shop for our productions. Our scene shops work can be seen through many of our productions, most recently Tosca, Falstaff, Cinderella, and The Marriage of Figaro. Our scene shop comprises of a construction area, a paint workshop, and a full prop studio. The shops’ work has also been seen on multiple stages nationwide.


Opera San José prides itself on its extensive shops and also recognizes the gift it is to have these creative workshops so readily available. We are also available for rental of our shows to outside companies. Most recent rentals from Opera San José include; name 3 rentals. If you would like to know more about our rentals, inquire about pricing, or speak to the head of our technical staff about rental logistics, click the link below.

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