Robert Balonek



Praised by the NY Times as having a “Commanding, steely baritone and a direct, crystal-clear delivery” and by the Winston-Salem journal, “Balonek, who might well be the most acrobatic opera singer I have ever seen. His antics are dazzling, and his voice is, too.” Robert is extremely versatile in his acting, dancing, and singing as he has performed everything from bass-baritone Oratorio work such as the Haydn Creation Mass, the revival of the Oratorio di San Francesco (Ariani), to lyric baritone roles such as Silvio (Pagliacci) and Figaro (Barber of Seville) throughout the US.

Robert has been the part of many new collaborations, NY Premieres, and world premieres including the composers; Lee Hoiby, Gerald Cohen, Mohammed Fairouz, Victor Herbert, Richard Wargo, M. Zachary Johnson, Stephanie DeKenessy, Rapheal Lucas, and Seymour Barab. 

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