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Richard Powers makes his company debut during the 2017-18 season, serving as choreographer for the North American premiere of Alma Deutscher’s Cinderella. Mr. Powers is a dance historian and choreographer, specializing in 18th to 20th century social dance forms. He choreographed Bill Irwin’s original production of Scapin (off Broadway), was the dance historian for the musical Titanic (Broadway), choreographed ragtime era dance for Faye Dunaway and Richard Widmark in Cold Sassy Tree, choreographed the 19th century ballroom dances for the Warner Bros. film North and South, trained the dancers in 19th century ballroom dances for the Tri-Star film Glory and choreographed the Victorian ballroom dances for the public television film Mrs. Perkins’ Ball.

He has served as a choreographer in such operas as Mozart’s Don Giovanni, Massenet’s Cendrillon, Monteverdi’s Madrigals of Love and War, Berlioz’s Beatrice and Benedict and Monteverdi’s Orfeo. His work in theater includes Shakespeare in Hollywood, My Antonia and Arcadia for TheatreWorks, and Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Shakespeare’s King Henry VIII for the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.