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What you can do to help

Friends of OSJ volunteers assembling bags of jelly beans as holiday favors for Hansel and Gretel audiences.

Friends of OSJ volunteers assembling bags of jelly beans as holiday favors for Hansel and Gretel audiences.

At Opera San José, we love our volunteers! With our auxiliary, Friends of Opera San José, increased opportunities are available for you to make a difference.

There are many possibilities. You can work in the office maintaining files or the music library. You can work in the box office or provide general clerical assistance. You can work on production tasks such as hand sewing, draping, cutting and stitching in the costume shop. Or you can do lightwalking (described below) and other work on stage. Occasionally, we need help in the scene shop. Most importantly, you can help grow our audience and donor corps by working on special events, phoning patrons, or working on educational activities.

When you join Friends of Opera San José, you will feel group camaraderie and fun through the work you do beside other opera-loving volunteers. You will also receive special member benefits such as attending social events, some with speakers and singers. We also offer cultural outings with fellow members, and with company staff and trustees. Modest dues are requested to cover costs. For more information, email

To become a volunteer you must join Friends of Opera San José. Joining Friends of Opera San José is easy. Just fill out the signup form here.


Have you ever wanted to be on stage? When you come to the opera do you wish you had the talent to join in? Well, here is your opportunity to live out that fantasy! It is called Lightwalking. It is mostly just standing, but it’s a chance to be a part of the behind the scenes creation of that art we love so much. You will meet the talented director, stage manager, lighting director, and those hard-working stage hands. As a member of Friends of Opera San José, you will be given a time frame in which you will be at the California Theatre. You will be given directions to stand, sit, and/or walk around pretending to be the singers so the technical staff can work their magic and create the beautiful scenes you see when you come to a performance. You will learn stage directions just like a real artist and give an indispensable gift to Opera San José. Come join us on stage! OSJ needs “lightwalkers” for the 2017-18 season. Contact for more information.