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riebel_book_coverHere’s a wonderful way to support Opera San José! A major portion of the sale proceeds of Linda Riebel’s book Irene Dalis: Diva Impresaria, Legend, will go towards OSJ! With a foreword by Seattle Opera’s GD Speight Jenkins, Ms. Riebel’s book is filled with fascinating backstage anecdotes, stories of luck and perseverance, some of the most ecstatic performance reviews ever written, with sketches of the great impresarios Rudolf Bing, Wieland Wagner, Kurt Herbert Adler, and Lotfi Mansouri.

Irene Dalis: Diva, Impresaria, Legend is available in paperback via for just $20. And if you become an AmazonSmile member, OSJ receives an additional .5% from the sale of each book!