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Set design from Silent Night. Courtesy of Steven C. Kemp

Set Designer Steven C. Kemp is no stranger to those familiar with Opera San José. His first production here was Anna Karenina in 2010, and has since designed 17 operas for OSJ. Steven recalls of that first production, “… I was intimidated and slightly concerned as to what Irene Dalis would think of the very abstract and poetic take on the design we were working on. At the end of the week I turned in the scene by scene photos of the model my assistant and I had been working away on day and night and awaited word from Irene. When she told me how much she absolutely loved the design and that it was perfect I was so incredibly proud and felt like I could conquer any challenge.”

As a child, Steven began building scale models when he was 7 years old frequently creating dioramas based on the museum and historical sites and battlefields he would see on family vacations. “Something about creating in three dimensions truly captured my imagination”, he explains, “Freezing these moments in miniature and building environments in this way certainly fed my interest in theatre and drama and eventually set design, which I discovered in high school through the guidance of my drama teachers.”

Outside of his work, Steven loves woodworking, jogging, and working in his garden in addition to preparing for the arrival of his child with his wife. Congratulations, Steven!

Please visit Steven’s website for more information.