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Preview: Moby-Dick

Jan 29, 2019

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

A one-hour preview for Moby Dick will be presented free of charge on Tuesday, January 29, 12 pm, at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (venue change for just this production) located at 560 S. First Street in San Jose. Moderated by GD Larry Hancock, the preview includes a lecture and performances by Moby-Dick cast members. OSJ is partnering with San Jose’s Institute of Contemporary Art to help promote our company premiere of Heggie and Scheer’s Moby-Dick as well as the ICA’s opening of Diane Samuel’s “It’s a Long Story” – a hand-transcription of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, written on remnants of archival paper and recycled prints that the artist has painted over, drawn on and collaged with images pertaining to the text. Each page of the book is represented by a horizontal row of the drawing, starting with “Call me Ishmael” at the top of the work, which measures 47 feet long by 8 feet wide.

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