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Privacy Policy

Opera San José is committed to protecting the privacy of our online and off-line patrons and donors.

Phone Numbers and E-mail Addresses
We will not share or sell your phone number or e-mail address with any other business or organization.

Mailing Address Information
Opera San José collects mailing address information primarily to inform its patrons about upcoming Opera activities. We may also use our mailing and phone lists to ask for your support for our Annual Fund campaign. We do not rent, share, or sell our mailing lists to commercial businesses. Occasionally, we share our mailing lists with local non-profit organizations. We do not share or sell mailing addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses with any other entity.

Opting Out
If you do not wish to receive updates and information from Opera San José, you may opt out by e-mailing us at: You may also call us at: 408.437.4450. Or you may write to us at: Opera San José, 2149 Paragon Drive, San Jose, California, 95131-1312. When you contact us, please let us know if you do not wish to receive mail, phone calls, e-mails or have your mailing information shared or sold to local arts or non-profit organizations.

Our Web site contains links to other community and opera websites that we think our patrons may find of interest. Opera San José does not review these Web sites and is not responsible for their content or their privacy practices.

Opera San José makes every effort to ensure the security of its network and systems. Our ticketing application service provider (VBO Tickets) has a valid 256-bit SSL Certificate, and all financial transactions are encrypted over an SSL connection.

The contents of this site including all images, text, video, and audio are for personal, educational, and noncommercial use only. No part of this site may be reproduced in any form without written consent from Opera San José.

Opera San José
2149 Paragon Drive
San Jose, California 95131-1312

Policy for Determining General Director’s Compensation

Opera San José has had a tradition of fiscal frugality when it comes to compensation of its General Director and staff. The current Director General has maintained this tradition and has insisted that his compensation be less than $100,000.

The Board of Directors will develop a more traditional approach for setting compensation for its General Director when financial results improve, including researching salaries of General Directors at other US operas of similar size.

The General Director sets staff compensation and is expected to consult the Executive Committee before setting compensation for any of the General Director’s direct reports.

Loyalty to the mission of OSJ and to the public it serves is the essence of our work, whether volunteer or paid.  Each trustee, staff member, and volunteer should fully and conscientiously fulfill the duties of his or her respective position with OSJ. A conflict of interest exists if one is in a position to exploit an affiliation with OSJ for personal gain and therefore one’s decisions about OSJ matters could be influenced by personal interests.  If a conflict of interest arises – actual, potential, or perceived – the conflict must be disclosed. (See Duty to Disclose section below.)   Each trustee, staff member, and volunteer must seek to avoid conflicts that could create any real, potential, or perceived conflict with the interests of OSJ.

Examples of Types of Conflicts of Interest:
A trustee may be affiliated with other institutions (such as other opera companies) in                
varying capacities, including as a trustee.  Trustees shall disclose any affiliations that may present a conflict of interest. 

Presumed Conflicts of Interest
A trustee, employee, or volunteer is presumed to have a conflict of interest if he/she or a member of his/her immediate family: a) is a trustee, officer, director, or employee of an entity with which OSJ has a business relationship (defined as an ongoing arrangement with a commercial enterprise); b) directly or indirectly receives any compensation, income, loan, or gift from an entity with which OSJ has a business relationship; or c) holds an ownership interest in a closely held company or at least 5% ownership interest in a public company with which OSJ has a business relationship.

Duty to Disclose
Each trustee, full time staff member, and volunteer serving as a community member of a Board of Trustees committee or standing committee is obligated to complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement on an annual basis and has a continual duty to disclose any conflicts as soon as they arise in the spirit of public accountability and transparency. The disclosures for trustees and volunteers serving as community members of a Board of Trustee committee shall be reviewed by the secretary of the Board. The disclosures for staff shall be reviewed by the General Director. If conflicts are disclosed, the provisions of the Implementation section shall be followed. The persons disclosing the conflict must follow the Consequences section below.

A trustee, staff member, or community member of a Board committee who has disclosed a conflict of interest (“interested party”) shall refrain from attempting to influence any decision of the Board, a Board committee, or staff on any matter that may involve a potential or actual conflict of interest and shall abstain from voting on any such matter.

An interested party must recuse himself/herself from any portion of a meeting in which the subject of discussion is a contract, transaction, or situation in which there may be a perceived or actual conflict of interest. The meeting should include discussion about whether the terms of the agreement or transaction are no less favorable to OSJ than is available on the open market.

Any minutes of a meeting in which an interested party abstained from voting due to an actual or potential conflict of interest shall reflect that the conflict was disclosed, that the interested party was not present during the discussion and/or vote, that the terms of the transaction were discussed in view of terms available in an “arm’s length” matter, and that the interested party did not participate in the decision or vote.

Confidential Information
OSJ trustees, staff members, or volunteers who acquire information about OSJ that is designated as confidential may not disclose the information and may not take advantage of the information to seek to use it for material personal gain. Staff members are responsible for maintaining the security of confidential records and information, as well as the privacy of individuals or groups who support OSJ. OSJ staff members are prohibited from using or disclosing any OSJ trade secrets both during and after employment by OSJ. Financial information must always be considered confidential unless the information falls under legally mandated disclosure requirements.


An important message for our valued opera fans, all arts patrons and potential ticket buyers:

It has come to our attention that there is a new trend in 3rd party ticket selling.  There are new sites appearing on internet search engines that we want everyone to be aware of for your own protection.

These sites appear at the top of the list after you’ve typed in “opera san jose tickets” (or any combination or version of these words).

These URL links look like they belong to Opera San José, but they do not take you to our site at all, and we have not authorized these sites to sell tickets using our name. These sites will sell you tickets to our performances at highly inflated prices with even higher service fees. You will end up paying up to 300% more for a ticket than you would if you purchased directly from us. 

We want you to enjoy the entire experience of attending performances, which begins with the ticket purchasing process. In order to guarantee that you are getting exactly the seats that you want at the price that is listed, please always purchase directly from the organization’s website. In our case, please only purchase at:

Things to look for to recognize that you are not buying tickets from our website:

  1. Somewhere in the URL description on the search engine, you might see the word “resale”. If you see this word, we don’t recommend clicking that link.
  2. If the site does not provide seat locations (section and seat number), then you will not know the true value of your seats.
  3. Look for the terms of sale. If it says you will not receive your tickets until a few days before your performance date, or that your tickets will have someone else’s name on them, we don’t recommend purchasing them.
  4. They will list a separate service charge for “overnight UPS delivery”. Opera San José does not use UPS or any overnight service. We offer immediate electronic delivery, first class mail, or Will Call delivery options only.