Student essay #2: A Streetcar Named Desire

Using evidence from the play and opera, try to determine which is the real Blanche, the innocent and charming Blanche or the desperate, alcohol-dependent Blanche.

street4revsmallIn A Streetcar Named Desire, I think that Blanche’s personality changes from being innocent and charming to being desperate and alcohol dependent. Blanche seemed to be happy and had everything together; she seemed to have fun when she was around her sister. I don’t think Blanche was as desperately dependent until the middle of the show.

I did notice in the beginning when she first arrived  at her sister’s she had taken the shot of liquor that was left in the kitchen. I think if Blanche was really desperate and alcohol dependent she would have gotten to Stanley way before he had got to her. During the show she was drinking more and more as time went by. Her stress may have caused her drinking; usually when people drink they are stressed out or worried about something and use this as a way to relax and calm down. I do not think there is anything wrong with it, but people have to know their limits.

Towards the middle of the play, Blanche’s personality started to change a little when she began “seeing” Mitch. I don’t think she really wanted a committed relationship, since she had flirted with the young man that knocked on her door right before her date with Mitch. Stanley had told some terrible things about Blanche to Mitch. Blanche was hiding her real self from other people and was lying.  This is what I think lead to her alcholism. Her drinking covers up all the things she is trying to get away from. Everyone started questioning her about herself, and this drove her to become crazy which became even worse after being raped by Stanley. She went from being a happy, bubbly person to being admitted into an asylum.

Aretha Torregano, Mt. Pleasant High School

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